About the name

“Writing about music is like dancing about architecture – it’s a really stupid thing to want to do.”

This quote has been attributed to Elvis Costello, Martin Mull, Steve Martin, and even Clara Schumann.  Regardless, whoever did come up with it is just plain wrong.  Consider these thoughts from one Alexander Blair:

“[…] dancing about architecture seems like a perfectly valid activity to me. Using the 4D  aspects of dance to reveal something interesting about human built 3D spaces seems like a great thing. Dance is mostly self expression, but it can also be a form of communication.  So maybe writing about music IS like dancing about architecture in that it is one worthwhile and valid human art form being used to examine and reveal facets of another human art form that is  as valid.”

Hence, “dance about marketing” – but I’ll go a little further.  It’s time to put joy back into marketing! And what is more joyful than dance?

About the blogger

Nicole Filiatrault is a veteran of technology marketing and publishing in Canada.    She is a strategic and creative thinker with the ability to take larger strategy and insights and translate them into ideas and executable plans, both in the traditional and online marketing spaces.

Nicole’s experience has been gained primarily in the B2B space, and mostly in the technology sector.  She has repeatedly immersed herself in new industries or segments (medical imaging, publishing, professional services, and government/not-for-profit), and quickly adapted her extensive knowledge of marketing  and digital engagement to each of them.

She is currently the Director of Marketing and Business Development at Kronos Canadian Systems, the leading provider of workforce management software.

She is bilingual (French and English), and also speaks fluent “digital”.



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